[2014-10-17] Sierra Leone: Teachers learning to cope with Ebola

The Ebola epidemic has brought education to a halt in Sierra Leone, shuttering classrooms across the country, leaving all teachers, children, and communities affected as the disease continues to claim lives.

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[2014-10-15] Education International joins fight against Ebola

With the outbreak continuing to spread and the death toll rising, Education International is teaming up with affiliates in Western Africa, drafting plans to secure schools and raise awareness on prevention.

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[2014-10-04] Cameroon: Demand for more public investment in education

Global market dynamics have not benefited education. That’s according to Roger Kaffo Fokou, Deputy General Secretary of the Fédération des syndicats de l’enseignement et de la recherche(FESER), one of Education International’s (EI) affiliates in Cameroon, in a statement to mark World Teachers’ Day on 5 October.

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Welcome to Education International Africa!

Africa is a huge region where EI´s affiliated member organisations function in difficult conditions and environments, and in countries which account for the bulk of out-of-school children.

EI represents 111 affiliates in 50 countries, from Algeria in the north to South Africa in the south, from Sierra Leone in the west to Mauritius in the east. EI works on two current problems that are confronting the continent a whole; the realisation of the Education For All UN Millenium Development Goal and the halting of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.