[2014-08-01] GUPT and EI start humanitarian assistance to teachers in Gaza

The General Union of Palestinian Teachers (GUPT) and Education International have agreed to establish a special fund for providing humanitarian assistance to Gazan teachers and their families and students who have become victim of the war between Israel and Hamas. It is estimated that so far 20 teachers have lost their lives. Many more have been injured, have lost family members or saw their homes destroyed.

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[2014-07-30] Cameroon: Trade union rights being attacked

Cameroon's teacher unions have condemned sanctions imposed by public authorities in Cameroon which threaten the exercise of their trade union rights by workers.

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[2014-07-28] Nigeria: Teachers fighting for security and minimum wage

Teachers in Benue State in Nigeria have finally gone back to work after an eight-month strike in the struggle for payment of the minimum wage. And now teachers in the Kogi State are on strike, as some have not been paid at all for four months.

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Welcome to Education International Africa!

Africa is a huge region where EI´s affiliated member organisations function in difficult conditions and environments, and in countries which account for the bulk of out-of-school children.

EI represents 111 affiliates in 50 countries, from Algeria in the north to South Africa in the south, from Sierra Leone in the west to Mauritius in the east. EI works on two current problems that are confronting the continent a whole; the realisation of the Education For All UN Millenium Development Goal and the halting of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.