[2017-01-17] Tunisia: teachers unite to demand essential education reform

With the full support of their unions, primary and secondary school teachers from across the country have come together in protest to urge the government to secure quality education for every student in Tunisia.

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[2017-01-06] Morocco: united union front to defend public education against increasing privatisation

Morocco's national education trade unions have mobilised in protest against rising privatisation, and specifically measures being introduced by the outgoing government which the unions believe are set to ‘destroy public education.’

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[2016-12-23] DRC: education once again suffers the consequences of political turmoil

Political tensions in the Democratic Republic of Congo have resulted in school closures in the country, as teachers and parents are worried for pupils' safety.

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Africa is a huge region where EI´s affiliated member organisations function in difficult conditions and environments, and in countries which account for the bulk of out-of-school children.

EI represents 111 affiliates in 50 countries, from Algeria in the north to South Africa in the south, from Sierra Leone in the west to Mauritius in the east. EI works on two current problems that are confronting the continent a whole; the realisation of the Education For All UN Millenium Development Goal and the halting of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.