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7th World Congress | Ottawa 2015

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Here are the decisions taken by Education International’s 7th World Congress held in Ottawa, Canada, from 22 through 26 July 2015. The Congress was attended by 767 delegates and 387 observers from 260 member organisations in 142 countries.

26 July 2015

It takes the entire education workforce to educate the whole child

Written by Education International


Education support personnel (ESP) were celebrated in an Education International (EI) video presented to EI’s 7th World Congress on 25 July. The animated video was entitled, ‘It takes the entire education workforce to educate the whole child’.


 In the video, EI recognised the contributions of ESP, throwing a much-needed spotlight on education workers who receive little recognition or acknowledgement. EI believes that recognition and respect can be gained by promoting a full understanding of what ESP do to educate the whole child and ensure quality education.


EI encourages members to include, consult, and involve ESP in all issues, actions and campaigns. It also encourages all education unions to organise ESP so that, by working together, the strength and power of education unions can be organised for better wages, benefits, and quality of educational services.


The video screened during the Congress is available here.

25 July 2015

Unanimous support for Greece

Written by Education International


Delegates at Education International’s 7th World Congress in Ottawa, Canada, expressed unanimous support for Greece on 25 July when discussing austerity, debt, and the commodification of education.


Urgent resolution


Greek delegate Themistoklis Kotsifakis of the Federation of Secondary School Teachers (OLME) outlined the devastating impact austerity has had on the education sector in Greece in the recent past: a 35 per cent cut in the education budget, a 28 per cent cut in the number of teachers, a reduction of 45 per cent in teachers’ salaries, a national unemployment rate of 60 per cent. Austerity policies had led to “a humanitarian crisis in Greece”, he said, whilst proposing Resolution 7.3 Stop Austerity Policies in Greece.

25 July 2015

Support for Honduras from EI’s Congress

Written by Education International


The turbulence facing Latin America, including the coup d’état in Honduras were among the concerns from that region raised at Education International’s 7th World Congress on 24 July in Ottawa, Canada.


Attacks on education professionals, including the murder of teachers, and systemic attacks on human and labour rights were just some of the issues put before Congress by Jucara Maria Dutra Vieira who presented Resolution 2.7 Issues in the Latin American Region on behalf of the Executive Board of Education International (EI).


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