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Decisions of Education International’s 7th World Congress

Decisions of Education International's 7th World Congress
Friday, 04 September 2015 09:36 Written by  Claude

Here are the decisions taken by Education International’s 7th World Congress held in Ottawa, Canada, from 22 through 26 July 2015. The Congress was attended by 767 delegates and 387 observers from 260 member organisations in 142 countries.

Resolutions Committee

Congress adopted several amendments to the Constitution & By-Laws, including new procedures for processing Congress resolutions and the appointment of a Resolutions’ Committee. 

At the recommendation of the Executive Board the following persons were appointed as members of the Resolutions Committee:

  • Mr. Patrick Roach (Chair-EI Vice-President for the European region)
  • Mr. Ezekiah Oluoch (African region — TTU/Tanzania)
  • Mr. Graham Moloney (Asia-Pacific region — AEU/Australia)
  • Ms. Christine Blower (European region — NUT/UK)
  • Ms. Yamile Socolovsky (Latin American region — CONADU/Argentina)
  • Ms. Vernelle De Lagarde (North America and Caribbean region — AFT/USA)

Statements and Resolutions

 Congress adopted a Human and Trade Union Rights’ Policy Paper, as well as five addenda to Education International’s “Education Policy Paper” (that was approved by the 6th World Congress, Cape Town, July 2011) setting policy for the:

Congress also adopted forty-three resolutions proposed by the Executive Board and member organisations addressing:

Section 1 — The achievement of the right to quality education for all people through publicly-funded and publicly-regulated systems of education

Section 2 –Improvement of the welfare and status of teachers and other education employees through the effective application of their human and trade union rights and professional freedoms

Section 3 — Elimination of all forms of discrimination in education, whether based on gender, race, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion, political affiliation or opinion, social or economic status, or national or ethnic origin, and the promotion of understanding, tolerance and respect for diversity in communities

Section 4 — Promotion of democracy, sustainable development, fair trade, basic social services and health and safety, through solidarity and cooperation among member organisations, the international trade union movement and civil society

Section 5 — Strengthening of Education International through the participation of all affiliated organizations in the life of EI, and the promotion of unity in the education sector

Section 6 — Miscellaneous Resolutions and Statements

Four urgent Resolutions were adopted condemning infringements of international human and trade union rights standards in

as well as two urgent resolutions concerning

Financial Statements 20112015

Congress received the reports from the Internal and External Auditors and adopted the Financial Statements 20112015. It appointed the following persons on the Internal Audit Committee: 

  • Mr. Henry Hendricks (African region – NAPTOSA/South Africa),
  • Mr. Avelino S. Caraan Jr. (Asia-Pacific region – SMP-NATOW/Philippines),
  • Mr. Ronnie Smith (European region – EIS/UK, Scotland),
  • Ms. Yamile Socolovsky (Latin American region – CONADU/Argentina), and
  • Mr. Mike McPherson (North America and Caribbean region – NEA/USA).

Ernst & Young was appointed Education International’s External Auditor.

Program and Budget 20162019


The Congress approved a Program for the period 1 January 201631 December 2019, as well as a budget for that same period amounting to € 42,741,020.

Furthermore, it established the per capita dues rate in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 at 1/12445 of the Gross National Income of the countries of member organizations (in Euros) with a maximum increase or decrease of 5% per annum.

Congress resolved that the per capita floor rate in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 be maintained at 0.035; and that the per capita ceiling rate in 2016 be fixed at 1.486 (constituting no increase compared to 2015).

The Executive Board received a mandate to increase the ceiling rates for 2017, 2018 and 2019 by a maximum of 2% to compensate for inflation and price increases, unless such cost increases can be covered by increased income arising from growth in membership.

Election of the Executive Board

The following persons were elected as members of the Executive Board by acclamation:



  • Ms. Susan Hopgood (AEU/Australia)

Vice President from Africa:

  • Mr. Mugwena Maluleke (SADTU/South Africa)

Vice President from Asia-Pacific:

  • Mr. Yasunaga Okamoto (JTU/Japan)

Vice President from Europe:

  • Ms. Marlis Tepe (GEW/Germany)

Vice President from Latin America:

  • Mr. Roberto Franklin de Leão (CNTE/Brazil)

Vice President from North America and the Caribbean:

  • Ms. Lily Eskelsen García (NEA/USA)

General Secretary:

  • Mr. Fred van Leeuwen (AOb/The Netherlands)

Regional Seats


  • Mr. Olukoya Michael Alogba (NUT/Nigeria)
  • Ms. Marième Sakho Dansokho (SYPROS/Senegal)

Asia Pacific

  • Ms. Francisca L. Castro (ACT/Phillippines)
  • Mr. Ram Pal Singh (AIPTF/India)


  • Ms. Johanna Jaara Åstrand (Lärarförbundet/Sweden)
  • Mr. Sławomir Broniarz (ZNP/Poland)

Latin America

  • Ms. Sonia Alesso (CTERA/Argentina)
  • Mr. Juan Díaz la Torre (SNTE/Mexico)

North America and the Caribbean

  • Ms. Randi Weingarten (AFT/USA)
  • Ms. Diane Woloschuk (CTF-FCE/Canada)

Open Seats

Sixteen candidates were nominated for nine open seats. The following persons were elected:

  • Mr. Steffen Handal (UEN/Norway) (1812 votes)
  • Mr. Patrick Roach (NASUWT/United Kingdom) (1631 votes)
  • Mr. James Tweheyo (UNATU/Uganda) (1606 votes)
  • Mr. Luis Grubert Ibarra (FECODE/Colombia) (1579 votes)
  • Mr. Daniel B. Lafrenière (CSQ/Canada) (1546 votes)
  • Ms. Okju Bak (KTU/Korea) (1523 votes)
  • Mr. Davanand Sinanan (T&TUTA/Trinidad and Tobago) (1476 votes)
  • Ms. Manuela Mendonça (FENPROF/Portugal) (1418 votes)
  • Mr. Laurent Escure (UNSA-Education/France) (1044 votes)

Distinguished Associates of Education International

As a mark of recognition for their contributions to the work of Education International, the following persons were awarded Distinguished Associateship of EI:

  • Mr. Adolph Cameron, Former Secretary General of JTA/Jamaica and the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT)
  • Mr. John Bangs, Former Deputy General Secretary of NUT/UK
  • Mr. Morten Brynskov, Former International Secretary of BUPL/Denmark
  • Mr. Calvin Fraser, Former General Secretary of CTF-FCE/Canada
  • Mr. Krishna Datt, Former General Secretary of the Council of Pacific Education (COPE)
  • Mr. Hans Ole Frostholm, Former General Secretary of DLF/Denmark

Albert Shanker and Mary Futrell Awards

Dr Luisa Bautista Yu from the Phillippines received the Albert Shanker Education Award for resolute and effective action to resume education after typhoon Haiyan wreaked devastation in the Philippines in November 2013.

Mr. Ahmed Jassam Salih Al-Shiblawi from Iraq received the Mary Hatwood Futrell Human and Trade Union Rights Award for his brave work in defense of trade union rights in Iraq, despite attacks on teachers’ unions and their members by religious extremists and hostile public authorities.

The following documents can be downloaded:

A detailed report of Congress proceedings will be available in due course.


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