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Bahrain: Free Jalila al-Salman and Mahdi Abu Dheeb (09 November 2012)

Education International (EI) calls on its member organisations to urge the Bahraini authorities to immediately and unconditionally release and drop all charges against Jalila al-Salman and Mahdi Abu Dheeb, Vice President and President of the Bahrain Teacher Association (BTA). EI also invites you to inform your national Government and the Bahraini diplomatic representations in your country.



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Bahrain: Teacher leader freed after five years in prison

Earlier today, Mahdi Abu Dheeb, leader of the Bahrain Teachers Association, an EI affiliate in the country, was released from prison. He had been held in detention since 2011, when he was sentenced to a prison sentence for the simple fact of calling for a teachers’ strike in support of democratic reforms.

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