[2014-02-20] Education awards call for nominations!

The McGraw Hill Financial Research Foundation has launched an outreach campaign to solicit nominations from the educational community for the 2014 Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education.

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[2014-01-24] Haiti: Teachers halt strike after pay rise agreed

A draft agreement has been signed by teachers' unions and the government’s ad hoc committee resulting in a suspension by teachers of strike action. This follows discussions on 22 and 23 January in which the trade unions negotiated a pay rise with the government which will come into effect in April 2014. The discussions were kick-started by the declaration on 20 January by the platform of Haitian teachers' unions to mount an indefinite general strike in pursuit of improved working conditions.

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[2014-01-20] US: Call for Government to increase funds for quality education worldwide

It is time for the United States to consider pledging substantially more to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Fund. That’s according to the RESULTS Educational Fund, a non-profit citizen’s advocacy organisation based in Washington, D.C., USA. RESULTS is committed to educating the public, the media, and government leaders about issues related to poverty and hunger in the US and abroad. Its findings – drawn from country visits to Liberia, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Zambia as well as reflections on the U.S., are contained in its recently released report, “Towards collaborative support to global education: a review of the U.S. pledge to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE)”.

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Welcome to Education International North America - Caribbean!

EI's North America and the Caribbean region is an area vibrant with development cooperation activities.

The south of the region is a location prone to frequent natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. The mutual assistance given to one another and the solidarity expressed among EI affiliates in this region is exemplary. In total, EI has 28 affiliates in 20 countries and territories in the region.