[2015-07-14] World Congress delegates go to AFT TEACH en-route to Ottawa

Twenty-three delegates from nine Education International member countries are in Washington, DC, this week as participants in the American Federation of Teachers’ biennial professional development conference, “Together Educating America’s Children,” also known as TEACH.

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[2015-07-08] Blog: What I learned from Ron Thorpe

Education International Deputy General Secretary David Edwards reflects on the career, life, and influence of his friend and collaborator Ron Thorpe, who passed away last week after a lengthy illness.

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[2015-07-07] USA: NEA gears up for EI World Congress

The National Education Association has started preparing for World Congress during its annual Representatives’ Assembly in Orlando, Florida, where more than seven hundred of its three thousand delegates learnt about Education International first hand.

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Welcome to Education International North America - Caribbean!

EI's North America and the Caribbean region is an area vibrant with development cooperation activities.

The south of the region is a location prone to frequent natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. The mutual assistance given to one another and the solidarity expressed among EI affiliates in this region is exemplary. In total, EI has 28 affiliates in 20 countries and territories in the region.