[2015-02-12] EI General Secretary takes the Harvard stage

Fred van Leeuwen, Education International’s General Secretary, has held a lecture at Harvard University on the challenges faced by teachers in the 21st century.

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[2015-02-03] The Caribbean Union of Teachers promotes LGBT Rights

Teacher union leaders have made an important step in their journey to develop a better understanding of LGBT issues from a human rights perspective, as the region shifts its tolerance and acceptance toward sexual diversity.

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[2014-11-26] USA: Teacher union objects to Coca-Cola in schools

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has banned Coca-Cola products from its facilities and events, citing Coca-Cola's child labour and human rights record.

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Welcome to Education International North America - Caribbean!

EI's North America and the Caribbean region is an area vibrant with development cooperation activities.

The south of the region is a location prone to frequent natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. The mutual assistance given to one another and the solidarity expressed among EI affiliates in this region is exemplary. In total, EI has 28 affiliates in 20 countries and territories in the region.