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provides a comprehensive report of the quality of education and respect for human and labour rights around the world.

Through its web-based research and analytical tool, the Barometer of Human and Trade Union Rights, Education International provides the most comprehensive report yet of the quality of education and respect for human and labour rights in countries around the world.

As well as examining all levels of education, from early childhood to tertiary, it explores a whole array of issues that concerns the global education sector today, such as academic freedom, gender equality, students with special needs, refugee and minority children, and child labour.

As an integrated component of the EI Web Portal, the Barometer is constantly updated both in terms of its content as well as through live links to the latest news, articles and events in each country. Statistics and indicators are updated yearly through our co-operation with the UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS), the most authoritative data collection agency in the world on education-related data.

In order to provide the Barometer as an invaluable tool to education unions, researchers and activists worldwide, EI strives to improve the site as much as possible. More content and online interactive features will be available soon in the near future. To help us improve the site, please send your suggestions to: webmaster@ei-ie.org

Note: The English version of this site is the authoritative language version.

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