John Bangs (Special Consultant to the General Secretary)

John Bangs
John Bangs

John Bangs started his career as a teacher. He joined the National Union of Teachers (NUT) in 1990 as the officer responsible for special needs and for the English National Curriculum and its assessment. In 1993 he was appointed Assistant Secretary (Education/Equal Opportunities). His department covered all areas of education and equal opportunities policy.

He was responsible for the NUT’s wide-ranging research programme. Research projects have included ground-breaking work on school self evaluation, pupil behaviour, curriculum and assessment and the professional lives of teachers. He initiated and oversaw the NUT’s teacher Professional Development Programme and was responsible for the NUT’s policies on professional development. He was also responsible for the NUT’s work with OECD.

Since leaving the NUT he has focused primarily on teacher policy and the interface between the teaching profession and government. He is Senior Consultant for Education International, focusing on OECD education policy making and research. At the OECD he chairs the Trade Union Advisory Committee’s Education, Training and Employment Policy Working Group. He is also an Emeritus Fellow in the Faculty of Education at Cambridge University and Visiting Professor at the Institute of Education. He is represents EI in the joint planning group for the International Summit on the Teaching Profession.

In 2010 John co-authored with John MacBeath and Maurice Galton, “Reinventing Schools, Reforming Teaching” which contains profound lessons for government initiated reform.

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