Richard Etonu Eringu (Regional Coordinator)

Richard Etonu Eringu
Richard Etonu Eringu

Richard Etonu Eringu joined EI as Regional coordinator for Africa in January 2006.

Richard started his teaching career in a secondary school in Uganda in 1986. In 1991, he became a lecturer at the National Teachers’ College. From 1997-2000, he served as an Inspector of schools in the Central Inspectorate of the Ministry of Education and Sports. He joined the Uganda Teachers’ Association in 2000 and became actively involved in the formation of the Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU), where he worked as the Project Coordinator until he joined EI.

Richard graduated as a qualified teacher with a Diploma in Education from the Institute of Teacher Education in Kyambogo. He then continued his education with a Bachelor of Education degree and Master of Education degree from Makerere University, Kampala.

Richard is Ugandan and he comes from Teso, in the northeastern part of Uganda.

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