New GCE policy report on education and disability

published 20 December 2013 updated 20 December 2013

The Global Campaign for Education’s new report focuses on disability and education and highlights the profound challenges faced by children with disabilities in realising their right to education. In low- and middle-income countries, children with disabilities are often the most excluded group from education. Even when children with disabilities actually go to school the only education available is often in segregated schools, which acts to further marginalise them from their community. This report synthesises current evidence around the scale of the challenge, highlighting levels of exclusion from education faced by children with disabilities, as well as outlining the common barriers faced in gaining access to a quality education. It also aims to set out the case for inclusive education systems, where children with disabilities are brought into mainstream schools, and classrooms and schools respond and adapt more effectively to their needs.  Finally, the report summarises the policy responses which can help bring down the common barriers – from the family, local communities and national government, through to the international community – setting out clear set of areas of action and policy recommendations for governments, donors and the international community.

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