Privatisation in Morocco - CESCR Parallel Report

published 28 February 2015 updated 28 February 2015

The report, compiled by the GI-ESCR and a coalition of Moroccan civil society organisations on privatisation in education, has been submitted to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR). It will be complemented by another more exhaustive contribution, which will be sent to the Committee before the review of Morocco.

It draws on some of the research conducted by the Moroccan Coalition on Education for All (CMEPT) and the GI-ESCR as part of the elaboration of a parallel report on the same subject for the Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which reviewed Morocco in September 2014 and adds new elements to the analysis of the impact of privatisation on the right to education in Morocco.

Despite the strong recommendations of the CESCR in 2006 and the concluding observations of the CRC in 2014, both expressing concerns about the uncontrolled development of private education in Morocco, the Government recently announced plans to reform the education system that includes further supporting private education, with a target of 20% of children in private schools by 2018 (it was 3% in 2000, 13% at the moment), and, crucially, the development of public-private partnership model in education.

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