Partnership Schools for Liberia: a critical review

published 11 August 2017 updated 16 August 2017

This report reviews and analyses documents related to the Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL) pilot.

The analysis focuses on three key areas: transparency and accountability, students and teachers, and scalability and sustainability. The analysis identifes issues related to MoE’s capacity to hold providers accountable, transparency in the commissioning and implementation of the pilot, and potential concerns regarding enrollment, teacher policies, school infrastructure, and funding, particularly between local and international providers, that warrant further investigation. The report concludes with an overview of a proposed research program to address these concerns. Overall, the report aims to provide an overview of the data available to analyse PSL in year 1, and to suggest additional areas of research, most notably the studying of PSL’s impact on educational ecology, essential to strengthening the evidence base available to evaluate the full impact of PSL

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