In Vitoria (Spain), FECCOO supports teachers working in a multicultural context

published 18 October 2017 updated 11 June 2018

The scope of the project called "My school is an intercultural world map in which we all learn better" is to develop teacher training activities, in order to improve the quality of day-to-day interactions with students from different cultural backgrounds.

The EI-supported project taking place at the Sansomendi IPI Educational Center in Vitoria, promotes the right to education for all migrant children, refugees, stateless persons and applicants for international protection, through training modules offered to the whole school staff. The course deals with brand new topics for teachers, such as the right to international protection, as enshrined in international law and current Spanish regulation, and its linkage with the right to education.

The training stimulated debate amongst teachers, highlighting the need to better know chidlren’s reality and day-to-day life, in order to address better the diverse needs of students and become aware of the potential transformative impact of teachers, educators, and other education workers.