Breadth of Learning: Assessment of the Breadth of learning Opportunities in Public Secondary Schools in Kenya

published 22 January 2018 updated 31 January 2018

This report is based on a partnership project with Brookings in which Education International worked with the KNUT on a secondary school survey and ZNUT on a primary school survey to investigate the breadth of learning opportunities available in state schools.

The purpose of this study was to assess the breadth of learning opportunities in public secondary schools in Kenya. The study was guided by four objectives which were:

  • to explore the qualification of teachers in their teaching subjects in the public secondary schools;
  • to establish the availability and adequacy of appropriate teaching and learning resources and facilities in public secondary schools;
  • to examine the time spent in teaching, learning and addressing other students need vital for holistic development in the public secondary schools;
  • to establish the professional support accorded to public secondary teachers in Kenya for the effective delivery of curriculum.

The report provides statistical data and analysis across a range of secondary schools and identifies the gaps that exist in curriculum provision for the whole child.

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