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    “Online teaching and videoconferencing: how can teachers choose the most appropriate tools?”, by Steven Kolber.

    Photo:  Helloquence/Unsplash

    Teachers are all scrambling onto remote learning (or distance learning, or continuous learning, or crisis learning, or the nomenclature of your area) to support and stay connected with their students during this isolating time. The unexpected nature of the events around COVID-19 and the different levels and speeds of responsiven...

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    "Between Pandemic and Pandemonium", by Carlos Abicalil.

    Education International

    I write this article following the announcement that the Minister of State for Education, Abraham Weintraub, has stepped down from his position: the second such occurrence in the first year and a half of President Bolsonaro’s administration. It has been revealed that he is to take on the role of an Executive Director at the Worl...

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