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"What obstacles for Education for sustainable development among teaching staff? », by Dominique Bernier.

Photo: DFID / Pippa Ranger

Education International launched a survey on March 1 to measure teachers' perceptions of their individual capacity to teach the four thematic areas of education for sustainable development and global citizenship education (EDD / ECM). This survey also aims to assess the extent to which they are supported in their training and pr...

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"Today, solidarity with women is a fight for democracy”, by Sławomir Broniarz.

Photo: Robert Kuszyński

Currently, women and LGBTI people in Poland face a very difficult situation. However, it would be wrong and short-sighted to see attacks on women or LGBTI people as the problem of a single country or of one radically conservative government that seeks to establish an authoritarian regime. Poland is not an exception, but it is an...

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