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    “Transforming economies and the financing of public education post-COVID”, by David Archer.

    Photo: GPE/Kelley Lynch

    Public health and public education systems that have been underfunded for a generation are being overwhelmed by COVID-19. We are just now beginning to see the scale of the impact this will have on low income countries and on girls and women in particular. Much of the burden of caring for the sick and for children home from schoo...

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    “What’s next for schools after coronavirus? Here are 5 big issues and opportunities”, by Andy Hargreaves.

    Photo: Marco Fieber/Flickr

    No schools, no exams, more online learning and parents in COVID-19 lockdown with their kids. What a mess! People are responding heroically. Some parents are working from home, others have lost their jobs and teachers are creating an entire new way of doing their jobs — not to mention the kids themselves, stuck inside without t...

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