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EI 5th World Congress: Information about Congress assistance, the Albert Shanker Education Award and the Mary Hatwood Futrell Human and Trade Union Rights Award

published 17 July 2006 updated 17 July 2006

EI is pleased to announce that the 5th EI World Congress will take place in Berlin, Germany, from 22 to 26 July 2007. In the coming weeks, member organisations will receive information about congress participation, a nomination form for each of the two EI awards, as well as a congress assistance request form for eligible member organisations.

For more information about the following topics, please refer to our Congress website: http://www.ei-ie.org/congress5

Congress Participation:

According to the EI Constitution, each EI member organisation is entitled to ONE (1) delegate. Provided that membership fees have been paid prior to the World Congress, member organisations are entitled to additional delegates according to the following scale:

  • up to 10 000 members: ONE (1) delegate;
  • more than 10 000 members: ONE (1) delegate for every 10,000 members or part thereof, with a maximum of FIFTY (50) for any one organisation.

Each member organisation may also designate a reasonable number of observers from among its membership or staff. Member organisations are urged to implement the EI policy on gender balance in their delegations for delegates and observers.

In the coming weeks, member organisations will be requested to communicate the numbers of delegates and observers that will represent them in Berlin. Before the end of the year, the EI Secretariat will send information concerning the number of delegates to which each member organisation is entitled. The actual names of delegates and observers may be communicated at a later stage.

The EI Albert Shanker Education Award and the EI Mary Hatwood Futrell Human and Trade Union Rights Award:

The World Congress also provides an occasion for EI to attribute the Albert Shanker Education Award and the Mary Hatwood Futrell Human and Trade Union Rights Award. Nomination for the two awards will be able to be done online on the EI 5th World Congress website, as well as by returning the signed paper forms by surface mail, fax and/or e-mail before 22 Feb 2007.

Congress Assistance:

Congress Assistance is financial assistance provided by Education International to Congress delegates from member organisations in countries whose per capita Gross National Index (GNI) is below US$ 12,639. Organisations that wish to request assistance are invited to read the Congress Assistance document and complete the Congress Assistance Application Form. Like the award nominations, the request for congress assistance can be done online, or by returning the duly completed form to the EI Secretariat in Brussels before 30 Nov 2006.

Member ID and Pin code:

In a separate postal mailing, member organisations will receive a Member ID and PIN code. The combination of these will allow member organisations to fill in electronic forms as well as check the status of their application on the EI 5th World Congress website. The Member ID will help EI staff to identify all correspondence to and from member organisations, hence member organisations are encouraged to indicate their member ID in their communication with EI.

For more information, please visit the 5th World Congress website: http://www.ei-ie.org/congress5

Should you have any query, please use the online enquiry form on the site.