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Education International

Reviving the women's network and gender equality in Arab countries

published 18 June 2015 updated 22 June 2015

Education unionists have been engaged in a successful workshop to empower women in trade union and ensure gender equality in the Arab region.

The Education International (EI) office for Arab countries organised a workshop to stimulate the Arab Women's Network in Beirut, Lebanon, an event attended by 21 participants from Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon and Palestine.

From 10-11 June, participants debated on topics such as: implementing the EI’s Gender Equality Action Plan in the Arab countries, identifying and addressing the power play in professional interactions, establishing how gender equality can become an organisational priority and mainstreaming it in trade union activities, and boosting women’s structures and their effectiveness within education unions.

Participants also worked at identifying  the  priorities for the Arab countries in terms of gender equality, discussed ways women can influence and participate in the trade union decision-making process, as well as steps to be taken over the next year to improve women's structures within trade unions.