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Cameroon: trade union workshop addresses women’s rights

published 24 August 2015 updated 25 August 2015

A seminar on women's rights in Bafoussam, Cameroon, organised by the Swedish union Lärarförbundet and Cameroon’s education unions affiliated with Education International, was undertaken to help participants better understand and tackle the issues.

This workshop, held on 25 July, was attended by twenty unionists members of the Fédération camerounaise des syndicats de l'éducation(FECASE), the Fédération des Syndicats de l'enseignement et de la recherche(FESER) and the Syndicat des travailleurs des établissements scolaires privés du Cameroun.

In her opening remarks, the Coordinator of the Project Management Committee Agnes Bikoko of FECASE welcomed all participants and reiterated the objectives of this workshop:

  • Build the capacity of teachers trade unionists to better organise, and
  • Be able to face with serenity and selflessness the many challenges facing female teachers in general, and female teacher unionists in particular.

Similarly, female teachers must commit to improve their integration and participation in trade union activities. There is therefore a need to provide them with legal instruments allowing them to control their rights and duties as women in general, and female teacher trade unionists in particular.

Among the main topics addressed “The history of the conquest of freedoms by women” by Emmanuel Mbassi of FECASE and “Mastering the legal instruments” by the FESER Deputy Secretary General Roger Kaffo Fokou provided participants with great insights to better deal with issues and obstacles facing women.