USA: teachers work to stop deportation of undocumented students

published 13 June 2017 updated 9 July 2018

The American Federation of Teachers has issued its Immigrant Youth Guide in Spanish, a tool that helps teachers support and prepare undocumented students in the event of government immigration raids.

The AFT’s Immigrant Youth Guide for Educators and School Support Staff is now available in Spanish. The guide features practical tips, tools and resources to help prepare and support undocumented, unaccompanied children and their families in the face of the latest changes in the immigration laws in the USA.

The guide includes important information for students and teachers such as:

  • facts about undocumented students and unaccompanied children,
  • bilingual Know Your Rights Palm Cards for students and families,
  • tear and share-recommendations of what families can do when immigration customs and enforcement (ICE) agents show-up at their door-steps,
  • practical tips of what families can do before, during and after an immigration raid takes place
  • 15 things educators, school support staff and communities can do to prepare families for an immigration raid
  • recommendations for schools to create welcoming school environments for all students regardless of immigration status
  • K-12 model resolution language on sanctuary and safe haven policies
  • a breakdown of the detention and deportation process
  • proactive steps to create a family immigration raid emergency plan
  • a list of Resources for unaccompanied and refugee children
  • a list of legal aid organisations

Links to other useful AFT resources:

All materials are located on the AFTs Immigration Website: www.aft.org/immigration