Resolution on: Brazil

published 25 September 2019 updated 25 September 2019

The 8th Education International World Congress, taking place in Bangkok, Thailand, in July 2019:


1. The submission to the National Congress of the bill to promote the development of private education through a voucher system.

2. The incentivisation and promotion of distance education for primary school students (aged 6–14).

3. The implementation of Law 13.415/17, which promotes the privatisation of secondary education, limiting the knowledge base of students who are socio-educationally segregated and differentiating between schools for rich and poor students, in addition to advancing and dismantling various social and education policies as part of a systematic attack on the fundamental and social rights of the population, especially those belonging to historically marginalised groups (Afro-Brazilians, indigenous peoples, women, the LGBT community).

4. The escalating, violent persecution of teachers instigated by supporters of non-partisan schools, who accuse educators of fostering ideological indoctrination among students, as well as the increasing militarisation of Brazilian schools currently being implemented as a government project.

5. The process of privatisation and commercialisation of both basic and higher public education in Brazil through programmes that diminish the State’s responsibility to provide public services and funding for the sector, channelling public funds for private, for-profit use.

The 8th EI World Congress:

6. Calls on all education unions around the world and Education International to denounce and mobilise against this process of destruction of public education in Brazil and the promotion of policies that encourage the privatisation and commercialisation of education.