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Bahrain: Union leader moved to Jaw prison

Education International has been informed that the Bahraini Teachers Association's (BTA) president, Mahdi 'Issa Mahdi Abu Dheeb (49 years of age) has been transferred to Jaw prison, Bahrain’s only men's prison, on October 12.

EI is extremely concerned about the health of the BTA President. Mahdi Abu Dheeb is suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. Moreover, he has heart and stomach problems. On September 11, he started a hunger strike to protest his continued detention. It is unclear whether he he is still continuing this hunger strike or has started to assimilate food again.

Many eye-witnesses confirmed that Mahdi Abu Dheeb was brutally tortured on a daily basis during the first three months of his detention from April to July 2011. The Jaw prison, which houses 450 to 500 inmates, is also known its appalling conditions. New inmates are reported to be mistreated heavily while in detention.

EI has joined the Urgent Action Appeal of Amnesty International to maximise pressure on the Bahraini authorities.

You can also help by sending an on-line message to Bahraini authorities. Please click here!

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