Executive Board

  1. Executive Board
  2. Regional Committees

The World Congress is the highest governing body of Education International. Every four years it elects the Executive Board that runs the organisation and ensures the implementation of decisions taken at Congress.


  1. Edwards, David

    General Secretary
  2. Okajima, Masaki

    Vice-President, Asia-Pacific
  3. Eskelsen-García, Lily

    Vice-President, North America and Caribbean
  4. Franklin de Leão, Roberto

    Vice-President, Latin America
  5. Tepe, Marlis

    Vice-President, Europe
  6. Maluleke, Mugwena

    Vice-President, Africa
  7. Hopgood, Susan


Regional Seats

  1. Alarcón, Nelson

    Executive Board member, Latin America
  2. Hyunjin, Kim

    Board member, Asia-Pacific
  3. Benti Chokorso, Yohannes

    Board member, Africa
  4. Woloschuk, Dianne

    Board Member, North America-Caribbean
  5. Weingarten, Randi

    Board Member, North America-Caribbean
  6. Alesso, Sonia

    Board Member, Latin America
  7. Broniarz, Sławomir

    Board Member, Europe
  8. Jaara Åstrand, Johanna

    Board Member, Europe
  9. Singh, Ram Pal

    Board Member, Asia-Pacific
  10. Sakho Dansokho, Marième

    Board Member, Africa

Open Seats

  1. TROCHEZ, Roberto

    Board Member
  2. Perreault, Marjolaine

    Board Member
  3. Nekarmbaye, Hélène

    Board Member
  4. A. Molloy, Nadine

    Board Member
  5. Cepeda Salas, Alfonso

    Board Member
  6. Bousted, Mary

    Board Member
  7. Al Salman, Jalila

    Board Member
  8. Basilio, Raymond D.

    Board Member
  9. Mendonça, Manuela

    Board Member
  10. Handal, Steffen

    Board Member