Jalila Al Salman

Board Member, Asia-Pacific

published 9 August 2019 updated 23 May 2022

Jalila Al-Salman is the co-founder and Vice President of Bahrain Teachers Association (BTA), and a member of the BTA Executive Board. She is also General Coordinator of the Bahrain Human Rights Observatory (BHRO) and Member of the Education International Executive Board. She is active in defending the teaching profession, teachers and students, especially those imprisoned for political reasons. Jalila is a social activist who works in teacher training and regularly speaks publicly both internationally and nationally, in spite of the dangers she faces for doing so. Jalila was jailed 3 times for her work as a trade unionist and since 2011, she has been targeted for her work as a human rights defender – she has been interrogated and been the subject of 5 travel bans. Jalila was fired from her teaching job in 2013, and her reinstatement continues to be refused. She has won several national and international awards for her dedication to promoting human and trade union rights.