Marjolaine Perreault

Board Member

published 9 August 2019 updated 23 May 2022

Marjolaine Perreault is Director General of the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ) and member of the Education International Executive Board. Marjolaine is an education professional, a trade unionist and a feminist. She has been fully committed to the cause of education for nearly 20 years with the CSQ, an organization which represents both the teaching and the education support personnel from early childhood to higher education. CSQ also represents members who work in Indigenous communities and in the health network. The CSQ represents a large majority of women, and works to improve their working, living and working conditions, in particular through unionization and pay equity. The defence of the French language is a constant issue. Thus, the CSQ is one of the founding organizations of the French-speaking network of EI, the CSFEF. Marjolaine worked for many years in a number of different departments, namely Higher Education, Employment and Training, Culture, Communications and Labour, all of which deal with, among other things, issues related to pay equity, health and safety.