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East and Southern Africa: New report on supporting HIV-Positive Teachers

EI together with its EFAIDS partners the Education Development Center (EDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) and UNESCO are pleased to announce the release of the publication ‘Supporting HIV-Positive Teachers in East and Southern Africa: Technical Consultation Report’.

The report summarises key recommendations that emerged over the course of a consultation between UNESCO, EI, the EDC and the WHO on supporting teachers living with HIV and AIDS. The consultation took place in Nairobi, Kenya from 30 November to 1 December of last year to coincide with and commemorate World AIDS Day. It was framed within the goals of Education for All (EFA) in recognition that these goals will remain unattainable for as long as the impact of HIV and AIDS on the education sector is not adequately addressed. Focusing on the two regions of the world which are most affected by HIV and AIDS, the event brought together a range of different stakeholders including ministries of education, teachers’ unions and HIV-positive teachers’ networks from six countries in East and Southern Africa, namely Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The participants reviewed actions at global, national and community levels, examined barriers and success factors to responding to the needs of HIV-positive teachers, and made recommendations on how challenges can be overcome.

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