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Macedonia: Positive Outcome for Teachers and SONK

published 31 May 2006 updated 31 May 2006

After EI's letter to the Macedonian government dated 16 May to condemn its breach of a wage agreement with the teachers, the latter finally approved an agreement on 26 May to respect the wage deal signed with the teachers' union SONK, an EI affiliate.

On 9 May, the government had dashed the hopes of teachers by saying that it could not afford the wage increase allowed through a collective agreement signed with SONK in February. The teachers' union found it unacceptable and threatened to go on strike.

The international teachers' union movement supported its affiliate in Macedonia and condemned the breach of agreement. Eventually last week, the day prior to the planned national strike, the Macedonian Prime Minister met with the leadership of SONK and admitted that the government had made a mistake and agreed to implement the wage increase as promised, that is 1% wage increase per month during one year.

The Prime Minister even committed to review the new education law for its impact on working conditions and employment levels in the education system.