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EI pressure secures release of Ethiopian teacher after 7 months detention without charges

published 14 June 2006 updated 14 June 2006

EI has been informed of the release on 9 June of Mulunesh Abebayehu Teklewold, a 53-year old female teacher. She was arrested in the Kelemworke junior secondary school in Addis and brought to the Kality prison on 9 November 2005.

In May, the IFJ/EI mission to Ethiopia brought up the case of Mulunesh in audiences with government officials.

Last week, EI raised the detention of Mulunesh with the Ethiopian Labour Minister. Three days later, Mulunesh was told by a prison guard officer that she could leave the prison.

Mulunesh, who is a member of EI affiliate the ETA's Addis Ababa womens’ wing, had been detained for seven months without charges.

EI will continue to press for the release on bail of the 131 civil society leaders, including Kassahun Kebede, Chairperson of the Addis Ababa branch of the ETA, who have been held in detention since November 2005 and are currently under trial.