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Education International

Vietnam joins WTO

published 28 February 2007 updated 28 February 2007

Vietnam became the 150th member of the WTO on January 11, after ratifying its membership agreement.

In joining the WTO, Vietnam has made significant commitments on a range of services, including education.

Specific commitments taken in education services apply to technical, natural sciences and technology, business administration and business studies, economics, accounting, international law and language training fields. In its schedule of commitments, Vietnam specifies that the content of educational programs must be approved by the Ministry of Education for higher, adult and other education services. However, no mention of this is made for secondary education. No commitments were given in primary education services.

In the case of higher, adult and other education sectors, Vietnam has limited its national treatment commitments by requiring that overseas teachers who wish to work in foreign established schools must have at least 5 years experience, and their qualifications must be recognised by the competent authority. No such limitation is specified for secondary education.