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Peru: SUTEP on strike against new Teacher Career Law

published 6 July 2007 updated 6 July 2007

EI affiliate in Peru, SUTEP, launched an indefinite strike on 5 July to protest against a new legal framework for the teaching profession, currently being discussed by the National Congress.

Last week, Peruvian teachers organised demonstrations to demand that the law be first discussed in a national debate. The government, unwilling to accede to SUTEP's request, submitted the law for approval by the Congress. SUTEP argues that the new law violates labour rights currently enjoyed by the more than 350,000 Peruvian teachers.

SUTEP demands that no less than 6% of the country's GNP – currently at 2.4% - be assigned for education in order to improve the infrastructure of the public education system. Also, the union wants teachers to have access to an in-service training programme.

The strike has been declared illegal by the government and the Minister of Education Jose Antonio Chang has threatened to dismiss teachers who are absent from work for more than five days.

For more information, please visit SUTEP's website www.sutep.org.pe