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Education International

Berlin Congress: getting to the heart of EFAIDS matters

published 10 July 2007 updated 10 July 2007

At the Education International Congress in Berlin this July, the EFAIDS team is putting on a variety of information and training sessions on issues related to the Programme.

In separate sessions on July 23, participants will get a chance to benefit from training on HIV/AIDS prevention, to learn more about what teachers are doing to achieve quality Education for All in the run-up to 2015, to discover why research is important to trade unions and to find out what teacher unions are doing to get children out of the labour force and into school.

The idea is to open up and explain the EFAIDS Programme to a wider audience. The EFAIDS Programme is currently being implemented by 45 teachers’ unions in 35 countries. It sees teachers and their unions getting active on issues that are important to them – issues such as the elimination of the AIDS pandemic, quality education and ending child labour. Yet today teacher unions are still broadly viewed as organisations that are motivated by salary negotiations and working conditions. Although these do still constitute the core business, the issues which the unions are working on are constantly expanding, notably into the domain of development.

The EI Congress will be attended by members of affiliated unions from around the world, as well as a host of guests from international organisations, governments, NGOs and the media. In all three of EI’s official languages (English, French and Spanish) participants will get to go to the heart of the matters that are being addressed by teacher unions via the EFAIDS Programme.

For more information, please see the events section of the EI EFAIDS website here: http://www.ei-ie.org/efaids/ or contact us at [email protected].