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Gabon: HIV/AIDS prevention included in school curriculum

published 21 January 2008 updated 21 January 2008

Last October the National AIDS Committee situated within the Gabonese Ministry of Education (Colusimen) met to develop a harmonised curriculum on HIV/AIDS education. EI welcomes the decision of the Gabonese Government to include HIV/AIDS in the school curriculum.

The event brought together the staff of Colusimen, school inspectors, as well as representatives of union organisations, to revise the civic education curriculum and to extend it to the second cycle of secondary education. The participants adopted decisions to create an institutional team to ensure the implementation of the reworked curriculum, to train teachers and administrative staff and to extend the integration of HIV/AIDS into other disciplines such as language classes. This move demonstrates the high level of commitment of the government to fighting HIV/AIDS through schools. For more information, please contact us at [email protected]