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COPE-UNESCO-UNICEF conference on "Improving Status of Teachers" a success

published 20 August 2008 updated 20 August 2008

Together with UNESCO and UNICEF, EI's sub-regional organisation, the Council of Pacific Educators (COPE) organised a conference on "Improving the Status of Teachers as per ILO-UNESCO's 1966 Recommendation and promoting Children's Rights to Quality Education" from 18-20 August 2008 in Nadi, Fiji.

Delegates from the Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia received briefings from UNECSO, UNICEF and regional education organisations on the conference topic.

The discussions emphasized the need to understand the particular context in which schools operate and that effective educational initiatives were those where collaborations and shared understanding existed among school, families, community and teachers and their unions.

Delegates affirmed the critical role of engagement with unions in promoting quality education and the need for governments to resource education as a priority if quality education for all was to be achieved.

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