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Public-Private Partnerships in Education: A new EI study

published 5 June 2009 updated 5 June 2009

EI has completed a new study into the increasing role and impact of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in education systems across all continents.

With input from a task force comprising 20 leading scholars and activists in 15 countries, the study offers a comprehensive look at the costs and benefits of PPPs in education, the experience of teacher unions in confronting them, and strategic analysis of options for the future.

Although the private sector has always participated to some extent in public education, the concept of PPPs today is more related to the ideological wave of the last three decades which has given increasing space to the private sector in delivering public services, and in using public funds. The reasons for this move may differ depending on the economic and political environment of each country, but generally result in an increasing role of the private sector in public education.

Are PPPs an opportunity or a threat to the future of our educational systems?

Read the full report on Public-Private Partnerships in Education and decide for yourself.

To date, the report is in English only, but the Spanish and French versions will be published as soon as they are available.