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Surinamese Teachers Trained on HIV and AIDS

published 1 July 2009 updated 1 July 2009

Since the beginning of 2009 the Surinamese unions participating in the EFAIDS Programme have been busy training teachers on HIV and AIDS issues.

Through a series of two-day workshops, the unions have succeeded in increasing the knowledge and skills of the education sector to respond effectively to HIV and AIDS. Highly interactive training sessions were coordinated by master trainers Hilly Dinmohamed- Breeveld, Rahiema Kalloe and Helga Lambert, reaching many teachers nationwide.

During February, sixteen teachers at the higher secondary school HAVO III, were trained together with their principal who is a member of the Suriname National Assembly. In mid March the principal of HAVO I School participated in training with 34 teachers. This was followed by training for 20 teachers from St Jozef School. At a workshop in Ancillea Burgos Schools 37 teachers were trained, while a further 37 teachers participated in training at the Oranje School in April.

The two day trainings introduced HIV and AIDS themes, so that myths were dispelled and participants had clear and factual information on HIV and AIDS. The trainers showed that safe behavior was the most effective way that participants could protect themselves from HIV. Once participants were confident in their ability to manage HIV and AIDS topics, they were shown skills to teach colleagues and students about HIV prevention. Specific sessions on risk taking and stigma and discrimination placed HIV and AIDS in a broader context.

Unions BvL, SOB and KOB work together to coordinate the EFAIDS Programme in Suriname. Please see more on the work of the Surinamese unions on the EFAIDS website.