EI calls on teachers unions to work together to stop the devastating impact of the economic crisis in Europe

published 26 October 2009 updated 26 October 2009

“Teacher lay-offs, education budget cuts and salary cuts, and school closures are unacceptable as policy choices, and in those countries where such measures have been applied, they must be stopped.”

In their declaration following the EI Central and Eastern Europe annual round table held in Budapest from 22nd to 23rd October, delegates from 15 European countries reasserted that governments must invest in education as a strategic response to the crisis instead of cutting funding, and that teachers are part of the solution.

They further stated that “ strong well-organised and democratic education unions have an essential role to play in society in advocating for education and for the welfare of their members. Their role is critical at times of crisis when education staff and services are under attack”.

EI will monitor the situation closely and provide support and information on how countries are handling the crisis to member organisations. It will also engage in advocacy towards international organisations to promote education and research as investments in the future.

To read the full declaration, please click here.