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Argentinean union shares experience of HIV and AIDS work with Costa Rica

published 29 March 2010 updated 29 March 2010

Roxana Rogalski and Mariela Cimadevilla, coordinators of the national EFAIDS Programme of Argentinean teacher union CTERA shared their expertise on HIV and AIDS themes with the union leadership of Costa Rican unions ANDE and SEC during a workshop in San José, Costa Rica in late February.

Facilitated by South-South cooperation under the EFAIDS Programme, teacher union activists from across Costa Rica had the opportunity to benefit from the wealth of experience that CTERA has of working on HIV and AIDS projects. During the workshop, the Costa Rican unionists heard how HIV and AIDS issues have been integrated throughout CTERA’s work and were provided with an opportunity to speak frankly and openly about HIV and AIDS. Participants were given practical recommendations not only on working to prevent infections amongst the teaching sector, but also about how to introduce sexual health education within the school environment.

Before the close of the workshop, both ANDE and SEC pledged to mainstream HIV and AIDS themes within their organisations and to seek out more opportunities to publicise the issue in the education sector.

Alexandre Ovares, President of ANDE, said it was a priority for his organisation that their members were familiar with HIV and AIDS issues and were comfortable in dealing with them.

Gilbeth Diaz, President of SEC, invited the leadership of both organisation to be vocal in speaking out on HIV and AIDS.

Jenny Monge, coordinator of the EFAIDS Programme for ANDE praised the moderation by her Argentinean counterparts and called the workshop a “very enriching experience which allowed us to share and at times to open debates”.