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Cambodia: Survey finds low pay, corruption, and lack of training challenge teachers

published 10 May 2011 updated 20 May 2011

The Cambodian Independent Teachers' Association (CITA) has published the results of a national survey to identify the challenges faced by teachers face in their workplace and within the union movement.

During March, the CITA employed an independent research specialist to conduct a survey across 17 different provinces. Using SPSS software to gather data, the researcher sought information about how involved teachers are in decision-making processes; what they know about education policies; and what changes they would implement to improve education.

Announcing the outcomes of the research, CITA’s President, Rang Chhun, gave further details of the outcomes which noting that: “Over 700 participants from across Cambodia participated and the results show that the three biggest problems teachers have are low salaries, corruption and the lack of access to training and materials.”

He went on to add that “the union will present these results to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and other stakeholders. We will ask that we work together to improve the quality of education in Cambodia.”

Chhun also highlighted that CITA, and EI affiliate, has made recommendations about how every challenge identified within the survey can be solved, presenting detailed action points on teachers ' salaries, as well as proposals to improve teacher and community participation in school management.

EI has welcomed this use of research conducted among teaching professionals to help build strong education policies in view of achieving Education for All and enhancing teachers’ status. EI encourages the Cambodian authorities to further involve teacher unions as the representatives of professionals in designing such policies.