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EI expresses its sympathy after a bus crash killed Belgian students

published 14 March 2012 updated 20 March 2012

EI General Secretary, Fred van Leeuwen, has sent a condolence letter to EI Belgian affiliates, sending EI’s deepest condolences to school communities directly affected, and particularly to families who have lost a child, sibling or partner, after a devastating bus crash. On 13 March, a bus carrying 52 people crashed in a tunnel near Sierre, Switzerland, killing 22 primary students from Lommel and Heverlee, Belgium, returning from a skiing holiday. The latest news available report six adults also having lost their lives, including educators. Among the 24 other heavily injured children, three are currently in a coma.

Van Leeuwen said: “It is with extraordinary heart felt sadness that I write this letter today, on behalf of the Officers, Executive Board, staff and members of Education International. The news of the untimely and tragic loss of so many young children and their teachers is difficult to comprehend.”

To read the full EI General Secretary’s condolence letter, click here

The Dutch version is avalaible here