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New channel to inspire educators worldwide

published 24 April 2012 updated 26 April 2012

EI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with World Teachers Video Network (WTVN) to jointly reflect and promote EI policies and principles. WTVN is a global TV platform aiming at raising the standards of teaching and learning by sharing good practice through broadcast-quality video.

In the Memorandum, WTVN expresses its will to effectively contribute to EI’s work in enhancing the teaching profession and promoting free quality education for all. Equally, EI will engage in “promoting the benefits of the World Teachers’ Video Network as a professional development resource and a means to raise the status and morale of all teachers”.

World Teachers’ Video Network is the international multilingual version of the former Teachers TV, funded by the UK government from 2004-2011. At the time, Teachers TV produced over 3500 videos on professional development, using television, broadband and mobile platforms to reach and influence the schools’ workforce, mainly in England.

The model has now been replicated in two other countries - in Thailand ( www.thaiteachers.tv) and in the USA ( www.teachingchannel.org) - largely funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Share globally

WTVN will share effective classroom practice and school improvement strategies from country to country and make these available across the globe via the internet and all other appropriate digital delivery systems.

Its founder, Andrew Bethell, talked with EI about key global education issues. To read the full interview, please click here

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