Malaysia: EI workshop builds leadership skills

published 24 July 2013 updated 25 July 2013

Leadership skills and union finances were the focus of a three-day workshoporganised by EI for 15 members of one of its Malaysian affiliates, the Sabah Teachers Union (STU-Sabah). It was held from 7-9 July in Kota Kinabalu.

The STU-Sabah, founded in 1962, has long played a significant role in the Malaysian trade union and education sectors. However, internal issues arose and, in 2008, the EI Asia-Pacific Regional Office (EIAP) worked to revitalise the union.

Help participants

This workshop aimed to help participants to: understand the concepts and principles of organising; become aware of the importance of union finances; share strategies on how to organise more women within the trade union; revisit the STU-Sabah Constitution and proposed areas for improvement; and develop an organising action plan for the August 2013-July 2014 period.

EIAP coordinators conducted interactive presentations. A role-play exercise on organising was much appreciated by participants. The STU Constitution and by-laws were revisited and proposed amendments were developed to be debated at the next delegates’ conference. Animated discussions on local issues and school-based challenges in organising were also held.

Strong trade union for social dialogue and quality education

“It is essentialnot to lose the momentum and support the building of a strong association of education professionals,” said EI Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator Clemente Rey Dolot. “This way, educators will be able to engage in social dialogue with public authorities and ensure quality education in the country.”