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Education International

World Statistics Day cuts through the rhetoric and focuses on the facts that drive decisions

published 20 October 2015 updated 22 October 2015

Although statistics may not spark everyone’s interest, the importance of data and its role in shaping decisions and policies is indisputable, and when it comes to education the stats don’t lie.

For all of the number crunchers out there, the truth lies in the data. And although statistics can be read various ways by various people, they are needed in order to make well-informed decisions. Although the Michael Lewis book Moneyball helped make data go mainstream when he showed how sports depends on it, data is being collected and used every day in the world of education.

Education International (EI) knows the importance of stats and how to use valuable data to show what works and what doesn’t in the classroom.

With nearly 400 affiliate organisations around the world, EI has a wealth of data at its fingertips. Look no further than the Barometer for an in-depth, in-country look at education. Currently being updated, the Barometer provides statistics on education dating back to 1999. Visit the site here.

In addition, for education academics and researchers, EI’s Education in Crisis is an all access portal to the latest reports, papers, blogs and EI studies.