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Education International

New Worlds of Education puts privatisation in the crosshairs

published 5 February 2016 updated 8 February 2016

The 45th edition of Worlds of Education takes an in-depth look at the scourge of privatisation and commercialisation, and reveals what needs to be done to ensure the right to free quality public education.

Guest editor Carol Anne Spreen from New York University has prepared an edition that gets to the heart of Education International’s campaign against the privatisation and commercialisation in and of education. The line-up of contributors make clear  that education is a human right and a public good and features articles by prominent academics.

The scholars behind this edition are working around the world to raise awareness about how and why education is being placed in the hands of corporations, or “edu-preneurs”, instead of educators. The articles lay out both the broad ideological underpinnings of the marketization of education, as well as, provide evidence of how it impacts schools, classrooms, teachers and students on the ground.

Read and download the new edition of Worlds of Education here.