Confront attacks on education unions and their members, particularly with respect to freedom of association, collective bargaining rights and professional freedoms

published 2012-06-06 updated 2017-06-16
  • Promote the ratification and application of ILO conventions and support the respect of ILO, ILO/UNESCO, and UNESCO instruments concerning teachers and other education workers.

  • Utilise the international complaint mechanisms to pursue public authorities and employers for breaches of international labour standards and other relevant international standards.

  • Identify and promote effective models of union-government relationships, including social dialogue, which enhance education quality and teachers' professional status.

  • Support member organisations in trade union efforts to assert the professional voice of teachers, including by ensuring that professional issues are included in the scope of bargaining.

  • Re-enforce professional standards, including autonomy, and resist the de-skilling and de-professionalisation of teachers.

  • Expose and oppose global market actors that seek to transform schools into profit-making business enterprises at the expense of students and teachers.