Resolution on the Situation In Palestine and Israel

published 23 July 2004 updated 31 March 2017

The Fourth World Congress of Education International, meeting in Porto Alegre (Brazil) from 22 to 26 July 2004:

1. Committed to peace through international law and respect for United Nations resolutions and the UN system. Dialogue and negotiation are a means to solve conflicts and build a new and peaceful world free of violence and terror. This can occur in a climate of confidence and entente which builds mutual respect and friendship between peoples;

2. Reaffirms the policy adopted at the 3rd EI Congress - The situation in Palestine - and expresses its deep concern at the deterioration that has occurred in the last three years impacting upon the lives of both Palestinian and Israeli peoples, particularly children and young people;

3. Welcomes and supports the report of the Mission that took place in the area in 2002 and the constructive approach adopted by EI affiliates - the ITU, ASTI and the GUPT;

4. Demands the immediate application of the International Court of Justice decision by destroying the separation wall;

5. Reaffirms its commitment to do all that it can to promote peace with justice for both Israelis and Palestinians;

6. Calls for the establishment of a just peace in this region which will eradicate the terror of individuals, groups and states and end suicide bombings;

7. Further determines to establish an advisory group to support the work of the Executive Board, composed of affiliates to be selected by the Executive Board in agreement with the affiliates in the concerned countries.