Resolution on defence and development of public education

published 25 July 2007 updated 31 March 2017

The fifth World Congress of the Education International, meeting in Berlin from 22 to 26 July 2007;

1. concerned at the development of private education (preschool, primary, secondary and university education) in all its forms to the detriment of public education,

2. concerned at the ever-growing place taken by commodification, which is leading to education being considered solely as an economic issue,

3. concerned to note that more and more governments in the world are abandoning public education by reducing its financing,

4. recalls that the very nature of public schools and universities is to take in all pupils or students free of charge regardless of their family, social or ethnic origin,

5. recalls that public education favours a social mix and therefore learning to "live together",

6. recalls that public education allows an opening-up of minds in which respect for identities does not lead to the confinement or isolation of young people within their differences,

calls upon the EI:

7. to support strongly public education,

8. to denounce the increased aid granted to private education and the policies promoted by international financial institutions,

9. to support affiliated trade unions in their struggle against commercialisation and privatisation in education,

10. to initiate, therefore, an international campaign: a. for the development of public education at all levels, financed by public funds,

b. for the defence of personnel from a professional, statutory and pay point of view.