Canada: teachers celebrate repeal of anti-labour legislation

published 16 June 2017 updated 19 June 2017

For the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, the repeal of the bill, which limited the rights of labour unions, is a major win after an extensive national campaign was launched to end the conservative policy.

“This is wonderful news for democracy and human rights,” said Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) President Heather Smith. “We applaud the Liberal government for living up to its electoral promise by repealing these anti-labour and undemocratic laws.”

Teacher organisations were among the various labour groups targeted by the Bill, known as C-377, which had been pushed quickly through the House of Commons with little debate and no consultation with labour under the former conservative government. The anti-labour measures triggered the CTF “Hear my voice” advocacy campaign with the goal of strengthening the teacher voice in labour rights.

Education International (EI) General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen expressed satisfaction following the withdrawal of the harmful legislation.

"At a time when unions around the world are under ideological attack, and when the values teachers and education unions hold dear are being threatened, it is necessary to fight back against anti-union measures and promote freedom of association and collective bargaining for all public servants," he said.

The CTF also rallied to support the Canadian Labour Congress campaign and joined nationwide opposition, including seven provinces who called C‑377 unconstitutional and argued it would cost millions for the federal government to enforce.