Photo credit: By Mihai Petre — Personal work, CC BY-SA 4.0
Photo credit: By Mihai Petre — Personal work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Romania: teachers among the voices demanding that the government respect Justice

published 1 December 2017 updated 11 December 2017

Corruption fears remain high as Romanian teachers joined mass demonstrations demanding the government withdraw three justice reform projects, which are aimed at stripping prosecutors of their legal power.

Anti-government mobilisation to defend justice and anti-corruption

On 26 November, roughly 40,000 people demonstrated against the ruling Social Democratic government accused by some of seeking to weaken the fight against corruption.Romanians are once again concerned for justice in their country, while several highly controversial draft laws aimed at curbing the power of prosecutors have finally reached Parliament, which is preparing to vote them in urgently.

In the capital of Bucharest, thousands of demonstrators met before parliament with signs displaying the slogan to demand universal justice.

The call to protest, announced in over 80 of the country's cities, was launched for the purpose of demanding the withdrawal of three justice reform projects currently under discussion, which, by reforming the judicial system and reducing the powers of the Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office could, according to its opponents, to weaken the fight against corruption and threaten the independence of the judiciary. The protestors also demanded that the Parliament reject the decree on the amendment of the Tax Code and called for the immediate resignation of the Government, along with the Presidents of the Chamber of Representatives and the Senate.

In display of solidarity, around 40 civil society organisations and two major trade union confederations (BNS and CARTEL ALFA) jointly launched the call for the event.