Credit: Sergei Malgavko/Tass viua Reporters.be
Credit: Sergei Malgavko/Tass viua Reporters.be

Crimea: Education International saddened by brutal bomb and gun attack

published 18 October 2018 updated 23 October 2018

A student gunman killed fifteen fellow students and five teachers and wounded dozens of people during his attack at Kerch technical college in Crimea.

“We are shocked and appalled by this new shooting in schools, another too many,” stated Education International (EI) General Secretary David Edwards.

He went on to urge public authorities to take immediate measures so that attacks in educational settings won’t happen in the future.

“School must be safe havens, violence-free, and only dedicated to their primary goal: provide quality education and training,” he stressed.


The gunman, fourth-year student Vladislav Roslyakov, 18, killed 20 people with a rifle, and shot himself after his rampage, reports say.

Other students have been left with horrific injuries after a home-made bomb with shrapnel went off at the college's cafeteria, being detonated remotely by Roslyakov. Thirty-seven people have been hospitalised.