Photo: Opacity/Flickr
Photo: Opacity/Flickr

Promoting integration of migrants and refugees in and through education

published 11 February 2019 updated 13 August 2021

A toolkit by Education International

The publication aims to support educators and education unions who work with migrant and refugee children to make the right to quality education a reality for all. Based on initiatives developed by EI affiliates throughout the world, it provides concrete, hands-on recommendations and advice that will help practitiones contribute to making education more inclusive and an effective right for all children.

Consisting of an introduction to the topic and three different chapters, the toolkit will allow educators, support personnel and union activists to design a plan to include migrants and refugees, advocate for their rights, and empower and support school communities to address diversity.

The toolkit provides a solid knowledge base and concrete tools to:

·understand the phenomenon of migration and forced displacement worldwide and the challenges it poses in relation to the education sector,

·understand and defend refugees’ and migrants’ rights in education as protected by international, regional and national law,

·develop activities in favour of migrants and refugees’ rights at national and local levels and

·challenge the predominant negative narrative about migration and refugees.

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