How to secure and promote freedom of association? New ILO web application provides a guide for workers

published 5 November 2019 updated 19 November 2019

The new web application launched by the ILO’s Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV) gives an overview of the principles and standards for freedom of association and explains ILO procedures and bodies that can help to secure and promote freedom of association across the world.

The web application is a very practical tool for workers across the world. It focusses on two main areas: understanding the standards and principles of freedom of association and understanding how ILO procedures can be used to fight back when freedom of association is infringed.

The standards and principles section focuses on helping workers and trade unionists to better understand their rights and the international labour standards that support them. The section features detailed information on:

  • Freedom of association and related human rights
  • Freedom to establish and join organisations
  • Carrying out trade union activities and state interference
  • Safeguarding against anti-union discrimination and employer interference
  • Promoting collective bargaining
  • Dispute resolution and strike action

The web application also includes a section showing workers how to refer a case of violation of their freedom of association, from documenting the violation to making use of the available tools and mechanisms to protect their rights.

Further resources are provided on the web application at foa-workersguide.ilo.org